I started with a Peugeot moped :-) and graduated to a Motobécane 125 when I got my first license at age 16. Now, that's a bike you don't hear about too often - and for good reasons :-) Followed by an indestructible (except when you don't yield to a car at a crossroads...) Honda 125 SL, which took me to Ain Salah, in the middle of the Sahara desert in North Africa. 

When I got my "big displacement" endorsement (you had to wait till you turned 18 before you could move up to over 125cc) it was replaced by a neat Honda 350 Four, sold so I could go back to the U.S., followed by a wonderful BMW R50/5 - sold when I had to do my military service :-( When I was released, I bought a dumpy Suzuki 125 DR from a fellow conscript - no kickstart and no money to fix it, so I learned to always park _uphill_. Sold when I went _back_ to the U.S. for a year :-) 

Followed a few years with no motorcycle besides a moped, and then I moved to the U.S. for good. My first vehicle  in Seattle was an ancient ('78?) Yamaha 550 TT, replaced a couple years later by a Kawasaki 650 KLR, then a few years later by a (again) wonderful '91 BMW R/100 GS/PD (Paris Dakar.) So wonderful that I had to bring a fraternal twin sister home, a very nice Bumblebee '89 BMW R100GS, bought over the Internet from a nice guy in Albuquerque, NM. That netted me a very nice trip to bring it back to Seattle.

And then...