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Darien-Stich-Bck.JPG (106895 bytes)

Darien-Stich-Frt.JPG (121019 bytes)

How does the Aerostich Hi-Viz hold up under sun rays and road use?
Pictures don't actually do justice to the hue - it _is_ even more obnoxious than it looks here.

The Darien (jacket only) is pretty much brand new. The just-washed Roadcrafter 2-piece suit has 1+ year / 25,000 miles of year round riding, mostly in the inclement Pacific Northwest, but also w/ a few rides to sunny Eastern Washington and Oregon, and to California and Nevada.)

Long Distance riding

HopelessBike.jpg (17355 bytes) Truly a Hopeless class contender
Perfect form IB motel. Not framed in the picture is the Screamin' Meanie* (a donkey tied up a few feet off to the left.)

(* loud wake up device mostly used by truckers, and LD riders, when on the road.)

IBmotel-moped.jpg (57324 bytes)
moped_morroco.jpg (35441 bytes) Mass transit. At 100+ mpg, for 3 riders... Holy macaroni!
The ultimate in comfort and convenience for those looooong rides. SeniorScooter.jpg (37928 bytes)
dessin-BD-nous-en-moto.jpg (18695 bytes) JoeBar Team K-beemer rider


trike-VW-honda750-a.jpg (23972 bytes)
trike-VW-honda750-b.jpg (26473 bytes)
MuddyFace.jpg (34377 bytes)
motorcyclelove.jpg (19048 bytes) Motorcycle love
"Take heart, girls! You too can now get your Motorcycle endorsement!" PERMISMOTO-sm.jpg (26955 bytes) 
(8+ Mb video)
Intro to the movie "Taxi" - a high-speed pizza delivery on a scooter through the streets of Marseilles, France.
broadsride.jpg (73154 bytes)
iowa_motorcycle.jpg (35697 bytes) Cow-a-socky
arbres_farceurs.jpg (62712 bytes)
culbute.gif (13345 bytes)
must.gif (63273 bytes)
keuf.jpg (22046 bytes) Warning: it walks like a biker, it quacks like a biker, smells like a biker, but it's not a biker: it's a cop!
wheelgirl.jpg (29643 bytes)
vrai_motard.jpg (42636 bytes) A "real" biker:


A crotch rocket rider makes an excellent barometer.

"Hey, Ray, we should have some nice weather, the biker is all excited!"

barometre.jpg (34202 bytes)
kick.jpg (36721 bytes) What did he say?

He said 'I'm going to show you how it's done...'

Motorcycle enthusiast dream home WC moto.jpg (131654 bytes)

Safety first

motoecole.jpg (32281 bytes) Rider's Ed.
Hey, what's that? A mosquito, wearing a helmet?

Hey, dummy, why the helmet? Ha! you look like an idiot!


moustik.jpg (52120 bytes)
oula.jpg (28632 bytes) The bike goes where the rider looks...
police_beton.jpg (154423 bytes)
KeepEyesOnRoad_toon.gif (37435 bytes) Rider Education material in Nigeria...
autostop.jpg (33378 bytes)

Harley (bashing) humor

TraileringIsSickness.jpg (34222 bytes) Trailering your bike is a sickness.
JB Weld, anyone? JBWeldHarley.jpg (16403 bytes)
hells.jpg (20380 bytes)
Hog-Truck.jpg (101066 bytes) Hog truck
airbag.jpg (47298 bytes)
hardly_moving.jpeg (56420 bytes)

Road signage

roundabout2.jpg (33363 bytes) Good luck
ditto roundabout1.jpg (38528 bytes)
zzyzxrd.jpg (32581 bytes) I'll buy a vowel, please.
Oookaaay... AircraftEnforcedSpeed.jpg (66282 bytes)

Over-the-edge-of-decency humor

I found all those pictures on the Internet. If you find one that belongs to you, and you don't want it displayed here, please let me know and I'll be only too glad to zap it!

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