Snowcamp '03

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Mmmm, nice comfortable night in my new Hennessy hammock!

(One can note the dearth of snow on the ground. Temperatures probably never dipped much below freezing, if at all. What a gyp!)

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Finally found some snow on the way up to the Paradise visitor center.

(all photos courtesy Clif Brown, since I forgot to pack a memory card for my camera :-)
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Clif hid his Triumph Tiger under his jacket, trying to "blend in" with the rest of the, well, non-Tiger crowd. I, on the other hand, don't seem to have much to hide.

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Riding down from Paradise, Clif on his Tiger.

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Yeah, sure, there was _loads_ of snow, dude, awesome slip 'n slide ridin' all over!

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That rare and fabled creature, the Snow Rooster.

Marco had a hairy encounter with ice.

A report posted by Dave, from Salem, OR.

Weather forecast for the area.

Sunshine Point campground, right past the the Nisqually Entrance (SW) to the Mount Rainier National Park [N4444'29", W12155'02"] on hwy 706.

Map (from

Contacts the local National Park Service


More photos courtesy Eric Blume:  (a "bad" year)  (a "good" year!)