Snowcamp '02

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snow-on-k12lt.jpg (74353 bytes)

A week or so before snowcamp, we had a "snowstorm" in Seattle. Snow was gone in a few hours, but of course I had to be out and about at that time.

k12-Travel-trim.jpg (102285 bytes)

The Mighty K1200CLT (Combat Luxury Touring) in light travel trim (no fuel cell.)

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snowcamp02-K12LTa.jpg (94592 bytes) snowcamp02-K12LTb.jpg (78342 bytes)

It took some imagination and creative angles to get a "snowbound" picture of the K12LT!

k12-snowbank_Paradise.jpg (71933 bytes)
RideUp-rainier.jpg (117752 bytes)

Ride up to Paradise: this photo courtesy Eric Blume:
(Pictures from a "good" year!)

Thanks, Eric

paradise2.jpg (127756 bytes)

Obligatory gloat picture by a snow bank, this one below the Paradise visitors center.

dom2-snowcamp.jpg (46142 bytes)

This photo courtesy Marco Prozzo.

Marco had this to say about Snowcamp:

Thanks, Marco!

Weather forecast for the area.