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GerlachFest 2002

On the long way down from Seattle

Check out
 Ira Agins'
pix too!

K12MirrorLake.jpg (61578 bytes) Either Lake Albert or Goose lake 
on US-395 in Eastern Oregon

Gerlach waypoints:

ditto MirrorLake.jpg (20497 bytes)

IronButt area at Guru Lane

BlackRockDesert.jpg (24761 bytes) Black Rock desert Playa
On Guru Lane GuruK12-a.jpg (73050 bytes)
GuruK12-b.jpg (62369 bytes) On Guru Lane
IronButt area on Guru Lane 
(thanks, Pete "Snarly" Sutherland)
GuruK12-c.jpg (136914 bytes)
GuruLaneMemorial.jpg (170717 bytes) Memorial to fallen riders.
The memorial looks over the 
Black Rock desert Playa
GuruLaneMemorial-b.jpg (114811 bytes)
GuruLaneJohnKorb.jpg (74890 bytes) One of the engraved stones - John Korb's
Just yer archetypal IronButt Motel... GuruLaneIBM.jpg (53663 bytes)

447 Rallye
 (er, kind of in a hurry, didn't take too many pix :-)

ShastaK12.jpg (87208 bytes) SR-299, back from Fall River Mills
Mount Shasta in the distance
Local traffic! tractor.jpg (53167 bytes)

Night Festivities on the Black Rock Desert Playa

JoeTomFirewks2.jpg (34750 bytes) Rally hosts Tom Austin and Joe Denton
playing with fire.
The results. Fireworks.jpg (11204 bytes)
RandysSandBags.jpg (54281 bytes) Randy needed some ballast for his hack.
Michael Smeyers and Jerry Smith volunteered,
and became very friendly.
Another shot of the "lovebirds" trying to figure out how to extricate themselves from Randy's hack. (Photo curtsey Vicky Martin)  RandysSandBags2.jpg (43605 bytes)
firedale.jpg (32389 bytes) Dale Wilson reads the names
 of fallen riders.
Fire = Firewalkers. Chuck Hickey (?) and friend out to ruin perfectly good pairs of snickers.
 (Photo curtsey Vicky Martin)
FireWlkrs.jpg (34786 bytes)
BobHallDeer.jpg (28792 bytes) Georges Barnes ready to sacrifice 
a wooden Bambi to the purifying pyre.
Bambi paying for the errors 
of its cousins' ways.
burnbambiburn.jpg (35852 bytes)

On the quick way back to Seattle

RodyVicky1.jpg (59863 bytes) Rody and Vicky (probably cursing a blue streak at some nut passing them in a curve and taking their picture at the same time...)
Ron Smith delayed by traffic
along Klamath lake
ron1.jpg (35115 bytes)
RonCloseUp.jpg (110522 bytes) Ron Smith: "I think that's a shortcut!" 
(Yeah, right...)
Ron on a loooooong, straaaaaaight stretch 
of US-97, near Crater Lake
ron2.jpg (56682 bytes)
And here's the video version! (420 Kb)
(nothing really exciting, to tell the truth...)




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