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1991 BMW R100GS PD


Previous bikes: if you're really bored... garage currently holds a '00 BMW K1200LT all decked out for Long Distance riding. I traded in the old  ratty-looking R100GS PD for it and recently sold the Bumblebee to my good friend Denis, who was feeling nostalgic for his G/S he left in France. I bought in '01 a '78 Yamaha 500 XT, to replace the wonderful Very Rusty and Very Silent 550 TT that Ruth gave away for me a couple years ago. (Something about it not having turned over in 5 years and being just a dusty old rust bucket. :-) After letting my eyes stray over to the O-so-sexy Ducati Multistrada (and now its latest 620 version...), I am now lusting after the new Suzuki 650 V-Strom...

.. but went for a totally different look - a bike with a stool attached to it. Yeap, I got me a side-car. A (British) Triumph Tiger with a (Russian) Sputnik chair. Quite different, very enjoyable, and everybody smiles when they see it. (or is it that they laugh when they see me? Mmm...)

Some ride reports & photo albums (to be completed some day...)

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"The Pace" by Nick Lenatsch


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